Sales drive the boat, but runaway expenses can scuttle the ship!

Fleet Strategy Group is a consultancy that is based on helping your management team get their arms around and in control of expenses.

Many of our clients came to us first to help them get control and definition of their fleet assets.

Most of our clients are shocked to discover the lack of science applied to managing these assets once they are defined..

Many expressed an interest in just increasing sales to overcome what they saw as a minor percentage on their income statement on the expense side. The problem with these expenses is, if left unchecked they grow and expand.

Real Asset Management
The real challenges that we help corporations face everyday include:
- What does your fleet consist of and where is it?
- What condition is it in and what is it costing now?
- What will effectively reduce the related cost the most and the soonest?
- How will we maintain control of these expenses going forward?
- What is our real utilization of these assets in relation to our productivity?
- How will we determine replacement schedules when applicable?
We provide answers to these questions without increasing your staffing requirements, without burdening your IT and technology systems, without changing your corporate structure. We leave you with a system that will keep you on track for years to come and provide you the answers to the above questions in an instant from your desktop computer 24/7/365.

The best part is that we will take our pay out of what we save you. You don’t have to even hire us until we show you how and what we will save your firm.

If this sounds too good to be true, please e-mail us for a list of our references, they know what we have done for them and are only too happy to tell you about us.

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