Take the emotion out of the material equation and get me the facts!

Fleet Stratagy Group does just that. We provide our clients accurate reliable data that they can use as knowledge to improve their decision making process. Better decisions produce a better bottom line and that is the overall objective of all our clients.

Fleet Strategy Group is a consultancy that is based on helping your management team get their arms around and in control of fleet expenses. What is unusual about our system is that we join your team as an unbiased 3rd party with no affiliation to any brand or product. This allows us to take an objective view of the process and assess the situation for what it is, not what will enhance our ability to sell you equipment.
With no increase in your staffing requirements and no long-term payroll implications, we bring a process that includes site surveys, operation assessment and suggested improvements. Our focus is not just on expense control, but expenses in relationship to utilization. Fleet right sizing can be the most important of the cost savings we can offer. Getting an operation to agree to right sizing takes facts and that's where we utilize our software tool.
Our software tracks and categorizes the expensive information into a viable knowledge base that grows as time goes on. With the growth comes a simple and logical way to plan expenses and to work for reductions in these expenses. Data is available in almost everyone's enterprise solution. Having the resources to mine that data and turn it into knowledge takes skilled professionals. We are your outsourced function that can take the emotion out of the equation and help your team implement a fact-based fleet management solution that drives the cost down.

If this sounds too good to be true, please e-mail us for a list of our references, they know what we have done for them and are only too happy to tell you about us.

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