Does the lack of consistency make it almost impossible to manage your material handling costs?

Fleet Stratagy Group is a consultancy dedicated to helping clients just like you get the absolute most out of every dollar they spend on the material handling fleet. A major result of our efforts is that the companies we serve come away with a tried and consistent format for going forward and managing their expense category.

We first survey and provide you with not only the issue or challenges, but suggest to you alternative methods that can reduce your overall operation expense. We implement these suggestions, working with your team or as your agent. Then we provide a software tool that monitors all the MHE expenses and make sure the improvements stay made. The beauty is your staff is woven right into the process with the tool.

Operations Support
From Your Desktop You Will Be Able To See:
- What equipment is at each facility
- What is the fleet PM schedule by unit and which units are past due for PM Services
- What the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly expenses are for individual units, departments and locations
- Track damages to equipment by unit
- What the real utilization against the plan is for each and every unit in the operation
- Instant comparisons of like types by manufacturer and model and year manufactured
Effective operations management requires a goal, a plan and a monitoring device that helps you react at a point that can positively impact the process and that is our product.

We have saved our clients millions of documented dollars that were invisible before they adopted our process. With our method you don’t expand your payroll or increase your staffing to track, monitor, or implement any of our suggestions. We do the detail work, and you take the data we provide and use it as a knowledge base for creating a simple, strong, and effective method for going forward with your business operations.

If this sounds too good to be true, please e-mail us for a list of our references, they know what we have done for them and are only too happy to tell you about us.

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