Fleet Strategy Group and Preco Partner to Automate Fleet Management

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (May 15, 2008)—Fleet Strategy Group announced a partnership today with Preco Electronics, where the two companies will work together to automate fleet management for both on-road and off-road commercial equipment.

PMFleet.com provides organizations with a comprehensive platform to maximize productivity, improve cost efficiency and increase profit margins through asset management and tracking. Critical elements of this platform include the collection of fleet data to supply fleet managers with an accurate picture of their mobile assets, preventative maintenance costs and service history. Preco created the PreCise system for applications such as this to automate the collection of data and eliminate the burden on operations and accounting personnel.

PreCise is a vehicle communications and data logging system designed specifically for commercial equipment operators seeking reliable wireless tracking and equipment monitoring, as well as integrated vehicle fleet management. Sensors are connected to key vehicle components such as the engine, power-take-off and compressor. This data is collected then transmitted wirelessly along with GPS information to the PMFleet.com solution. PMFleet.com easily schedules engine and component maintenance, tracks equipment activity and maintains detailed records for asset management.

“Integrating PMFleet.com with the PreCise system was a natural fit. Both products were designed for customers seeking better control over their heavy duty commercial equipment fleets,” explains Don Bratton, Senior Consultant of Fleet Strategy Group. “Automating the collection of critical equipment data assures both timely and accurate information is input into the system at a fraction of the cost it would be to do this manually.”

The integrated offering will be available in June of 2008.

About Fleet Strategy Group
Fleet Strategy Group is focused on achieving and maintaining long-term expense cost reductions and increasing the efficiency of your operating fleet of material handling equipment. With over 100 years of combined experience in Material Handling Fleet Management.

About Preco Electronics
Established in 1947, Preco Electronics pioneered the invention of the electronic reversing alarm (Bac-A-Larm™), which has been recognized and accepted in the commercial heavy equipment industry for over 30 years. Today, Preco's strong heritage brings a unique blend of high quality engineering and manufacturing of rugged products for work-site safety and leading edge technology solutions that solve business issues in the heavy equipment industries.

*Preco Electronics and PreCise are registered trademarks of Preco Electronics, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

For more information contact Fleet Strategy Group or Preco.

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